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A reminder that new windshield stickers will be required starting in January. These stickers cost $10 each and are available ONLY at the Town Office. Starting in January Transfer Station  attendants will be checking for these stickers and may deny you access if you do not display one. This is because we have learned of non-residents who are using our facility. The sticker should be displayed on the lower passenger side of your windshield. If you have more than one vehicle, or if  you do not wish to affix the sticker to your windshield, please attach it to an index or similar card  and tuck it at the base of your windshield.

******* ALL bag stickers will be $1 each.  

******** The 2023 Annual Permit will be $10



Trash disposal is taken care of at the Transfer Station. To get to the Transfer Station from the intersection of Route 7 and 9, travel north toward Newport approximately 1.8 miles to the Mitchell Road, located on the left.  Drive down the Mitchell Road less than half of a mile, and the road to the Transfer Station is on the right.




Residents of Dixmont may bring their household trash and recyclable goods to the Transfer Station. A permit must be obtained yearly from the Town Office for $10 in order to use the Transfer Station. Additionally, each garbage bag 33 gallons in size and smaller must have one "dump sticker" attached. Bags larger than 33 gallons, such as the contractor size bags, require two stickers. The stickers can be purchased individually for $1each at the Town Office. The transfer station attendant has a limited amount to sell.


The roll-off metal container is on site year round and all metals and white goods are free for disposal.


During the spring and fall cleanups, we accept bulky waste. A large dumpster will be at the Transfer Station during these times that can receive larger items, such as mattresses, furniture, etc. A $5 coupon purchased from the Town Office must accompany each 100 pounds of misc. material or per certain bulky items. Larger items will be $10 each. Coupons must be purchased prior to disposal. Please check the dumpster to make sure there is room for your bulky waste. The dumpster is generally emptied twice during each clean-up period. It is a first come, first served operation, no exceptions.




Sunday -  9 a.m. to 3 p.m.


Monday - 1 p.m. to 7 p.m.




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