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Appling for General Assistance

Town of Dixmont -General Assistance Program

Every town in Maine has a General Assistance program that helps people in need who have limited or no other resources. Assistance is provided for basic needs, such as housing, utilities and food. Dixmont General Assistance is available to Dixmont residents only.  Persons who wish to apply for General Assistance may do so by completing an application for assistance.

How to apply:

All adults in the household must apply at the Dixmont Town Office at 758 Western Ave during the following times: Tuesdays & Thursdays- 1pm-4pm and Wednesdays & Fridays- 8am-11am. An interview will/may be conducted at that time.

Applicants Must Provide:

  • Identification documents (photo id preferred)
  • Proof of any money available to the household during the last 30 days (wages, TANF, child support, social security benefits, veteran’s benefits, gifts, etc). Applies to ALL household members.
  • Proof of current expenses
  • Name of landlord
  • Current eviction or disconnection notice
  • Statement from doctor (if you are unable to work)
  • Proof of all current assets and/or benefits received (including bank statements)


Other Requirements:

Applicant are required to seek any and all resources that would reduce their need for General Assistance, such as:

  • Benefits such as SSD, SSDI
  • Veteran’s benefits
  • DHHS benefits (SNAP, MaineCare, TANF, FedCap)
  • Heating Assistance
  • Child Support
  • Money from others or bills paid by others on your behalf
  • Lump sum payments: Workers Compensation or SSI
  • Financial aid for school
  • Land claim settlements


It is a basic requirement of the program that everyone works or looks for work.


Emergencies Applications

In the case of a true emergency, applications will be accepted at any time, in person or by phone.



Shirlene Lindsey

Dixmont Town Office 

Phone: 234-2294

Email: dixmont@dixmont.me

Fax: 234-2716


After hours emergency contact:

Shirlene Lindsey

Phone: 234-4195



Pursuant to Title 22 MRSA, ss 4305

Dept of Health & Human Services: 1-800-442-6003

This is the official site of the Town of Dixmont